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Not anymore. Simply enroll into a class and start learning for free.

To enroll into a class, simply log on to

1. Select Preferred Class
2. Select any subject (don’t worry, you are getting all subjects in the class after subscription)
3. Click Enroll For FREE Now, just before First Term
4. Click Enroll for FREE NOW again on the new page
5. Register or Sign in to access your class notes.

You’ll receive a notification of enrollment and you can start enjoying your class notes immediately.

Absolutely! has become the most widely used Lesson Notes resource for thousands of Teachers, Schools and Parents in Nigeria and across Africa. As the most comprehensive curriculum-specific site on the internet, Teachers, Schools and Parents refer it to themselves every day to engage their classrooms and help their children achieve academic excellence effortlessly.

Yes, we have provided detailed evaluation questions in most of the notes. These questions can be used to test how well students understand completed notes for superior academic achievement. is now FREE to use for Students, Teachers, Parents and Schools across Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Feel free to share this great news for the benefit of your friends and loved ones.

Because is first about impacting lives and democratising quality education for everyone. seeks to become every child’s personal study buddy for free, forever. Regardless of your background or economic status, it is our life’s mission to see that every African child gain full access to quality and affordable (in this case, FREE) education.

Comments are activated under each topic for you to place your questions such that a fellow student can contribute or a tutor/representative can provide clarity.

The platform is pre-stored with curriculum-relevant and trusted content, created by experts, for all classes. Much more comprehensive than what obtains in a physical classroom. Each class is seamlessly classified into First Term, Second Term and Third Term covering all topics in the curriculum. This means, as a student or teacher, you can finally study at your own pace, ahead of the class, anytime, anywhere, on any device, for free. We have also created a timetable for both Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary that students can adopt in their personal study. There is a plain template of the timetable that you can download and recreate as you like with your children as well. You can find this on the Resources page.

The classes content are not downloadable because they undergo frequent editing and update to meet curriculum standard at all times and to provide more clarity. However, the has been fully optimized to consume very low data and you can access the content subscribed for, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

First, absolutely. Thousands of adults have transformed their lives through world-class education, using 

Secondly, yes. It’s easier if they are in the same class. However, if they are not, you can enroll into two subjects or more with the same account. We recommend that each child have a different account though so as to personalise their learning, track their progress and be eligible for other features only registered accounts on the platform can qualify for.

At the moment, students can only interact through the comment segment of each topic for now. We are currently working on integrating a more participatory forum for students.

For now, does not offer certificates. We are a supplementary learning service for schools and exam institutions that offer certificates. We help you prepare well to excel in school, excel in life and earn any certificate you desire.

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