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This will be your new favorite home if accessing quality primary and secondary school education, acing exams successfully or becoming a high-flying student is your goal.


What is ClassNotes.ng all about?

You would agree with us that there is urgent enormous need for quality education in Nigeria right now. The number one problem of this country is ignorance. So, there’s a heavy need to deliver education via technology and Class Notes is here to fill that gap!

ClassNotes.ng provides each student freedom to learn the curriculum-relevant subjects they want, when they want it, and at the pace they want it. Comprehensive notes of all classes from Primary 1 to 6 and JSS 1 to SS3 have been uploaded according to the Federal Ministry of Education’s latest syllabus.

ClassNotes.ng is the curriculum-specific study partner you need to achieve all your academic goals, especially if you are in Primary or Seccondary School. Alongside our seasoned network of genius teachers, we have taken our time to scrutinize the Federal Government approved scheme of work and updated them with rich class notes, video lessons, audio classes, quizzes and assignments that are subject appropriate.

Get ready to enjoy world-class educational content with updated syllabus, live online tutors, latest educational news, scholarship opportunities and best user experience that guarantees you real outstanding results!


We are About Practical Experience

In our detailed study, we discovered a gem – learning should never be boring! You see, education is meant to solve practical problems in society. Even the scheme of work is designed to achieve this but this is not the reality, as many institutions sadly prioritize the academics of making money over delivering quality education experience.

Education is superior to academics. While academics bother around retention, education is a test of our imagination and the ability of the human spirit to create witty inventions.

At ClassNotes.ng, beyond delivering valuable class experience in form of notes, videos, and audios, we will also provide the class summary at the end of every term to help students glean practical ideas behind every course, and how it can be applied to add value to the society.


Take Agriculture for instance, the classes from Primary 1 to 6 and JSS 1 to SS3 are rich enough to make a quality farmer (agripreneur) out of any hardworking student but this is not the case for many secondary school graduates. Our classes (both text-based and video) will be aimed at ensuring you can practicalize every knowledge shared on your own. ClassNotes.ng is here to hold you by the hand



Ace Examinations Effortlessly!

One of the main goals for every student, parent and teacher is to pass exams with flying colours. At ClassNotes.ng, we are not unaware of this goal. This is why we have specially built all classes with curriculum-based, detailed and well-researched knowledge that can help any students achieve excellence, far ahead of his or her contemporaries, in any exam.


So, if passing any course/subject (English Language, Mathematics, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Agricultural Science, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, Commerce, Economics, Geography, Government, Literature, Christian Religious Studies, Civic Education, Financial Accounting, Yoruba, Social Studies, Home Economics, Business Studies and Physical Health Education) is your concern, you have come to the right place. Irrespective of your class, whether you are in First Term, Second Term or Third Term, you can study here at your own pace. You can even go steps ahead of your classmates by studying for JSS 2 while still in JSS 1 or studying for Second Term during First Term holiday.


Dazzle Your Teachers

Imagine your teacher instructing you to prepare to teach a class next week. You need not fret anymore when we are here for you. Simply note the class topic, come here, click on your class category, click on the topic and voila, you have a very legal expo even your teacher will be super proud of.


What about your assignments? You can simply study here based on the topic of the assignment and dazzle your teacher with your excellent knowledge of the topic. Isn’t that absolutely amazing?


Put Your Knowledge to Test

Just like in a physical classroom, for every topic you read, watch or listen to, you will get a class-work that can be submitted to us for assessment.


Feel free to leave comments, ask questions – these are the exact purposes for which Classnotes.ng exists. We look forward to reading your feedback!


Access Personalised and Helpful Academic Resources via Email

Beyond all the priceless content we have for you here, we want to be that friend that urges you to read when you feel like sleeping some more because beyond you academic success, we are also interested in your success in life. Leave your name and email and we will be that buddy that gently nods you towards good success free of charge.



At ClassNotes.ng, we believe every child deserves a chance to learn and anyone can learn anything if they care to do what it takes. Welcome to Nigeria’s most loved learning site!


NOTE: ClassNotes.ng is an independent ed-tech platform built with the student in mind. This website does NOT represent any Examination or academic body asides its parent company. The official website for WAEC, JAMB are as follows www.waec.orgwww.jamb.org


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