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ClassNotes.ng would love to thank every individual, organization, and government who has dedicated their time, resources, and expertise to our mission of delivering quality education to Africans anywhere. The vast content on ClassNotes.ng is made possible by the selfless commitment of our in-house team alongside our network of highly experienced teachers, volunteers, and partners.



Beatrice ClassNotes 1

Beatrice is an outstanding Senior Education Officer at the Lagos State Ministry of Education and founder of Mindablaze Educational Services. A graduate of Applied Biochemistry from Nnamdi Azikiwe University, she also holds a M.Sc. degree in Pharmacology from the University of Ibadan. Beatrice is fascinated by the impact ClassNotes.ng has made and will make in uplifting the lives of young Africans. She loves singing and teaching. Beatrice is a Biology content faculty member on Biology at ClassNotes.ng.


Oluwaferanmi ClassNotes Content Faculty

Oluwaferanmi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology Education and a Masters’s degree in Education from the University of Lagos. Passionate about making Biology as interesting as possible, she is a certified teacher who has prepared students for external examinations with great results. In her free time, she enjoys reading and singing. Oluwaferanmi is a content faculty member on Basic Science at ClassNotes.ng.


Solomon Classnotes faculty

A seasoned teacher and writer, Solomon is a Senior Administrator at Elyon Schools. Currently concluding an online program with the prestigious Harvard University, Solomon holds a Mass Communication degree from Lagos State University and Diploma from Peacock College, United Kingdom.  He strongly believes “If you can think it, you can be it!” Solomon is a content faculty member on Government at ClassNotes.ng.


Peter ClassNotes Faculty

Peter studied Pure and Applied Chemistry at the University of Lagos, and has spent five years teaching Information Communication Technology and Chemistry. He finds fulfillment helping students  gain access to quality learning experiences. Passionate about the digital revolution, Peter has coached still coaches several students and adults looking to become digitally literate. He is currently concluding his M.Sc. in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Lagos. Peter is a content faculty member at ClassNotes.ng.


Adenike ClassNotes.ng Faculty

An English Language graduate, Adenike has over ten years of experience in the education sector. Having taught in different sections from early year to junior secondary school in different schools, she now finds fulfillment helping early year children to be fluent readers. Adenike currently mentors teachers on using the right methodology for effective teaching. Adenike has a Bible club where she teaches children the word of God. Her loves attending workshops, researching and meeting people.


Emmanuel ClassNotes Content Faculty

Emmanuel has a degree in English Language & Literature and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Lagos. He has over twenty years’ experience in research and serves as Research Assistant at Lagos State University, Ojo. He has a Diploma in French and is principal at Pacey Manuel College, Lagos. He loves watching movies, travelling and impacting lives through education. Emmanuel is a content faculty member on English Language at ClassNotes.ng.


Christiana Classnotes.ng Faculty

Christianah is a professional licensed teacher with multiple certifications. She has a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Lagos. She has vast volunteer teaching experience with top NGOs and is passionate about helping children with learning disabilities and those with special needs (dysgraphia). She believes it is easier building strong children than fixing broken adults and beyond teaching, her ultimate goal is to build fortified leaders.


Ehi-Joseph ClassNotes Faculty

Ehi-Joseph holds a Masters degree in History and Strategic Studies from the University of Lagos, Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Ilorin and a National Diploma in Mass Communicatio, from the Nigerian Institute of Journalism. He currently runs a Post Graduate Diploma in Education at the Nigeria Teachers Institute. He is a seasoned teacher and examiner with WAEC, NECO, IGCSE and JAMB. Ehi-Joseph is a content faculty member pn Civic Education at ClassNotes.ng.



Janet ClassNotes Faculty

Janet has a background in accounting education. She enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, teaching, and opining about making the world a better place. She has also attended certificate programmes at Meadow Hall, Learn Africa and many others. Janet is a content faculty member on Cultural & Creative Arts at ClassNotes.ng.



Gabriel classnotes

With a distinction in Mathematics from Best Legacy College and a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Ilorin, Gabriel has garnered over 7 years’ experience teaching Mathematics, Further-Mathematics and Physics in some of Nigeria’s top secondary schools. He is passionate about helping students find their unique strengths. Gabriel is a content faculty member on Physics at ClassNotes.ng.



Stephen classnotes 1

A creative writer, editor and vastly experienced English language/Literature-in-English teacher, Stephen’s writings pull from his teaching strength and creative prowess to pass complex messages in simple formats. He has a rare skill to transform student’s performance on the subjects he teaches. Stephen is a content faculty member on English Language at ClassNotes.ng.



Toheeb ClassNotes.ng Faculty

Toheeb loves being a part of ClassNotes.ng’s mission to deliver world-class education for Africans, anywhere. A self-driven goal getter, Toheeb holds a degree in Animal Physiology from the Federal University of Agriculture, Ogun State. When Toheeb’s not having an intellectual conversation, he’s usually watching or playing football. Toheeb is a content faculty member at ClassNotes.ng.


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