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24/7 Supplementary Secondary Education for students online! is glad to partner with Edusko to provide Nigerian secondary school student (JSS1 to SS3) freedom to learn curriculum-relevant subjects and topics anytime, anywhere.

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Study your choice subject and topic, at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.


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Access curriculum-relevant content created by expert tutors for high-flying students.


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Prepare effectively for the best results in WAEC, NECO, GCE, UTME, SAT and more.

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Teacher? Access ready lesson notes to accelerate your student’s learning for superior academic achievement.

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The first lessons in First Term, Second Term and Third Term are free across all subjects on the platform. You don’t have to pay to access those. However, to access and enjoy the full content, you have to subscribe. You may choose to subscribe for 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or one year, depending on your goals.

It’s very easy to enroll in any class. Simply navigate to your class of choice, then select any subject from the class. You will see ENROLL NOW at the top of the subject, click on it. Choose your subscription package (1 Month, 6 Months or 12 Months), select your payment option (Direct Transfer or Card Payment), then follow the prompts to complete the process.

We do not offer an independent supervisory role but the platform is automated to spur you on to complete your notes and quiz. You can track your progress from your dashboard by yourself, and challenge yourself to do more.

We have evaluation questions in most of the notes. These questions can be used to test how well students understand completed notes. More quizzes are currently being populated on all topics on the platform.

We have a variety of plans to fit your education goals. We have four plan options which are monthly (N299), quarterly (799), half-year (N1699) and annual (N2999).

The N299 subscription for one-month grants you access to all subjects, topics, and content in a chosen class, for a period of one month.

You can pay using Direct Bank Transfer or with your card. Either option still requires that your first enroll in your class of choice (See answer on how to enroll above, for guidance). does not offer certificates. We are a supplementary service for schools and exam institutions that offer certificates. We help you prepare well to excel in school, excel in life and earn any certificate you desire.

Yes you can. It’s easier if they are in the same class. However, if they are not, you can enroll into two subjects or more with the same account but you are required to pay for each class you enroll into. We recommend that each child have a different account though so as to personalise their learning, trach their progress and be eligible for other features only registered accounts on the platform can qualify for.

One year subscription is N2999

When you make payment and send your payment details, the team enroll you manually. If you cannot access the class you paid for, it is because you are not LOGGED IN. Every time you use the platform, you must log in with your registered email and password to be able to access your dashboard where your courses are. Once you sign in, you will be able to access all the content in the class paid for.

Comments are activated under each topic for you to place your questions such that a fellow student can contribute or a tutor/representative can provide clarity.

The platform is pre-stored with curriculum-relevant and trusted content, created by experts, for all classes. Same, if not more than they would get in a physical classroom. Each class is seamlessly classified into First Term, Second Term and Third Term covering all topics in the curriculum. The student can study at their time from anywhere. We have created a timetable for both Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary that students can adopt in their personal study. There is a plain template of the timetable that you can download and recreate as you like with your children as well. Find it on the Resources page.

Students can only interact through the comment segment of each topic for now. We are currently working on integrating a more participatory forum for students.

The classes content are not downloadable because they undergo frequent editing and update to meet curriculum standard at all times and to provide more clarity. However, the platform is built in a way that it consumes less data and you can access the content subscribed for at any time from anywhere.

Our support team can enroll you into your class and provide you with access details upon payment confirmation and receipt of your registration details (Name, Email, Phone Number, Location).

Yes. The platform is pre-stored with all content needed for all classes. Same, if not more than they would get in a physical classroom. Each class is broken down into First Term, Second Term, and Third Term covering all topics in the curriculum. We have a timetable you can follow or adapt to suit your free time for personal study.

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