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Running a quality education platform such as this is time-consuming and expensive. It is even more so when the platform is made available at highly affordable rates.

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic creating mass school closings across Nigeria, Africa and beyond, the demand for content has spiked and we have since received numerous request from parents, schools and teachers for primary school content. Please help us meet this demand as we look to add primary school content, engaging video lessons and much more. Your donation of any amount would make a big difference. To donate, kindly follow this LINK.

We want you, your child and every other person interested in learning across Nigeria to have access curriculum-relevant content for all classes, including audio, video teaching of all class notes, assignments and dedicated virtual teachers to attend to students at an affordable rate for EVERYONE.  Though this may seem such an expensive venture, we believe with your help, we can achieve this.

Here are ways you can support us:

  • Volunteer/Intern – We are in need of more hands in the development of content, management of human resources and other areas. Teachers, Professionals and qualified personnel can volunteer or intern with us. To do this, simply send us an email stating how and where you can be of help. Send to
  • Update Our Notes. After reading through a note, you can make contributions to the note by adding yours in the comment section. It has to be original content that passes plagiarism test. After confirmation, we will update qualified ones on the main content.
  • Spread The Word to your colleagues, classmates, and the general public about We are more than happy when we see that people are using our platform.
  • Support CN Financially – You can support us by giving once, regularly or as much as you can. You can do that via our PAYSTACK LINK. | You can also request for our account details should you prefer to make a bank transfer. Request at

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