It’s the holiday season and children are at home. Maybe you have been thinking on how to engage them in this season, then these options below are for you:

  1. Take them to their grandparents: Grandparents are always excited to see their grandchildren and vice-versa. When you take them to their grandparents, you please both your grandparents and your children. You also get a vacation, where you can focus on work and getting enough rest before school resumes.
  2. Allow them to learn a second language: Learning  a second language will always be an added advantage in a world of growing career opportunities for few. Apart from that, it will boost their self-confidence and allow them to have a full perspective that allows them to see the world. You do yourself a great advantage when you let your kids learn a second language.
  3. Let them learn a digital skill: The world has become a digital palace; your children should no longer rely on traditional skills and roles. Make them suitable to the world by allowing them to learn digital skills like coding, writing and others. This will expose them to the world and also boost their self-confidence.
  4. Allow them to play and have fun: There are times that the mind of the child needs a break. They have probably been bombarded with learning and would want to just play and have fun. Let them play and have fun. Allow them to play with their siblings, neighbours and with the imaginary characters on TV. Playing boosts their imagination and creativity; and also allows them to improve on their social skills.
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