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You are on holiday and you have a few days left before resumption. And now, you don’t exactly know what to do? You are bored and the question on your mind is what next after exams? Well, here are 3 things you can do after your exams:

  1. Learn coding or any tech skill: Tech is the new way of life. If you don’t already know this, then you know now. Invest in coding or software development classes. Pick and develop a tech skill. It will come handy in the coming days.
  2. Start a blog/vlog: Now is the time to document your interests in a way that you can show them off to the world and make an impact through them. Do you love writing stories? Then start a blog. Do you love cooking? You can start your own vlog and before you know it, you would have created your recipe and start making money from what you already put out there.
  3. Get a work experience: It is not too early to get a work experience. Who says you have to wait till you become an adult before you work? If any of your parents has influences, use that influence to get an internship. Learn administrative tasks and corporate culture; you will thank us later.

Which one out of these are you going to try? Let us know in the comment section.

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