National Unity


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National Unity

 National Unity

National unity is a government formed by a coalition of parties, especially in times of national emergency. National unity is a type of government formed by a group of parties, generally during times of emergency. These governments are said to be unified by the love of country rather than by political affiliation.

National integration is a positive aspect that reduces socio-cultural and economic differences or inequalities and strengthens national unity and solidarity, which is not imposed by authority.

Ways of promoting national unity

The following ways are some of the ways, which national unity can be promoted:

  1. Living a life devoid of discrimination against other tribes.
  2. Tolerance for each other, irrespective of religious and ethnic affiliations.
  3. Encouraging inter-tribal marriage.
  4. Living a life devoid of discrimination against other religion.
  5. Showing hospitality especially to a stranger.

Importance of national unity

  1. It strengthens a nation
  2. It brings about safety in a nation.
  3. It helps the government of a nation to understand the people’s need and choices.
  4. It brings about the development of a nation.
  5. It encourages people to share ideas, value and emotional bond.


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