ICT Application in Everyday Life


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In today’s class, we will be talking about ICT application in everyday life. Enjoy the class!

ICT Application in Everyday Life

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ICT has turned this world to a global village. Apart from communication, that is, reaching people both far and near; it has also made the work easier and better.

Better productivity, salaries, health care and even farming and education.

Sectors where ICT has played a major role
  1. Education
  2. Banking
  3. Industry
  4. Commerce

ICT is applied in the education sector in the following ways:

  1. Research for teaching materials, online conference etc.
  2. ICT or computers are used as a reference tool.
  3. ICT or computer is used by the researchers to collect and process data.
  4. Computers are used as administrative tools.
  5. ICT offers interactive learning.
Banking sector:
  1. Banks use computers to control the entire banking system.
  2. On-line transactions by customers are possible 24 hours.
  3. Accessing company account by businessmen On-line.
  4. Supervision of banking activities by bank administrators.
  1. Computers are used to facilitate the production planning and control system.
  2. Automation in the production of goods.
  3. Researchers use computers to analyse and collect data for future reference.
  4. Computers are used by administrators to oversee the entire operations in the factory.
  1. ICT makes buying and selling easier.
  2. Computers are used by customers to connect On-line with Suppliers.
  3. Computers are used to keep a record of the transaction.
  4. ICT is applied as a means of communication between customers and producers.
Impact of ICT on society
  1. Faster communication speed.
  2. Lower communication cost.
  3. Reliable mode of communication.
  4. Effective sharing of information.
  5. Borderless communication.
Negative effects of ICT
  1. Insecurity of data
  2. Fraud
  3. Unemployment
  4. Virus threat
  5. Cost of setting up ICT gadgets


  1. Define the term ICT.
  2. Mention some ICT gadgets.
General evaluation
  1. Explain the relevance of ICT in the music industry.
  2. What do you understand by saying “ICT has turned the whole world to a Global village”?
  3. List any five negative sides of ICT.
  4. Mention areas where ICT has played a key role.

Reading assignment

HiiT@ schools Data Processing for Senior Secondary Education, pgs 16-18.

Weekend assignment

  1. The following are disadvantages of ICT except for A.  fraud  B. virus  C.  faster communication D. none
  2. ICT has turned the whole world into a ……   A.  global village  B.  galaxy  C.  universe D. none
  3. The production of goods with or without human intervention using a computer  is known as …….   A.  automation    B.  AI   C.  expert system D. vacuum tube
  4. E-commerce stands for ……..    A.  electric commerce  B.  electronic commerce  C. electrical commerce. D. none
  5. ATM means …….    A.  Automatic Teller Machine   B.  Automated Teller Machine  C.  Auto Teller Machine D. None


  1. State three uses of ICT.
  2. List three ways ICT has assisted in social development.


In our next class, we will be talking about Data and Information. We hope you enjoyed the class.

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