Hello. Welcome to class. In today’s class, we will be discussing about Soil.

Soil is the top layer of the earth surface.  Soil is very important in our world. It gives plants life and it holds plants in the ground. Soil is also the home of many animals. Some animals uses the ground fro protection and to keep their bodies safe. Some animals use the soil to lay their eggs. Soil has many uses for a range of different creatures. Soil is seen everywhere, under the house and school building

Identify things found in the soil



There are mainly three types of soil, they are

  • Clay soil
  • Sandy soil
  • Loamy soil
Types of soil Its properties
Clay soil is used for moulding. It can be rolled in between the palms of the hands to form a “ball” as the soil particles should stick together. It is brownish in colour.
Sandy soil is used for building. It could possibly be collected from a construction site. When you pick up sandy soil, it stays apart and falls out of your hands.

Loamy Soil: This is the best used for planting. It is used by farmers and usually black in colour.




Another type of Soil is the HUMUS SOIL.  It is normally dark. It is formed from dead plant and animal matter that has decayed. It is made up of vegetable waste used in cooking. It is brown or black. Humus is like fertiliser. It holds water and it is good for growing plants.

It can be collected through waste such as egg shells, and old cabbage leaves, and then put them in the compost heap to rot. It can be put in the vegetable garden to grow good vegetables.

Humus soil is sometimes moist, when you pick it up, you should be able to feel old, rotting sticks and leaves and sand, and sometimes found earthworm in them.





  1. Farmers need soil to grow crops
  2. Soil is used in building
  3. Soil is used to make clay objects
  4. Insects and other animals like eartworm lives in the soil.


1.What is Soil?

  1. Mention the three types of soil we have:
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