Animal Improvement

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In today’s Animal Husbandry’s class, we will be learning about Animal Improvement

Animal Improvement

animal improvement

Have you ever owned a pet? How did you care for your pet? Like humans, animals are also cared for, whether they are reared as pet or food. 

Animal improvement talks about the ways of developing and breeding only those animals that show the greatest positivity under consideration such as good feed conversion, growth rate, disease resistance and egg size. It also involves the upgrading of existing (local) breeds as a result of some desirable characteristics which they

Animal Improvement is important for the following reasons:

  1. To produce animals that can give high yield or products in the form of meat, egg and milk.
  2. To produce animals that can provide high quality products such as low back-fat thickness, yolk size and shell hardness.
  3. To produce animals with high feed
    conversion efficiency.
  4. To produce animals with a high growth rate.
  5. To produce animals with early maturity.
  6. To produce animals which can adapt to climatic (environmental) conditions.
  7. To produce animals that are resistant to parasites and diseases.



What is Animal Improvement?


Reading Assignment

If a farmer has a poultry of broilers regularly attacked by rats, suggest how he can improve the state of his poultry without harming the broilers.


Weekend Assignment

Give five reasons why animal Improvement is important. 


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be learning about Methods of Farm Animal Improvement.

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