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In today’s Animal Husbandry’s class, we will be learning about Electro-Ejaculation


While we have learned that artificial Insemination will give room for sperm cells from a male animal to be deposited into the reproductive tract of a female, Electro-ejaculation goes a but further. 

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Electroejaculation is a procedure used to collect semen as part of a breeding soundness examination. A breeding soundness examination is undertaken to maintain the fertility of an individual or the herd. Compared with the alternatives, electroejaculation is a convenient, quick and reliable method for the collection of semen. It can be used outside of the breeding season, on animals that have not been trained and on those that are not used to handling.

When compared with the use of an artificial vagina, no females are required for mounting, there is reduced risk of disease transmission, there is less risk of human injury from handling the animal, and it is easier to provide appropriate facilities for human safety. 

The electroejaculation procedure involves the insertion of a probe into the rectum and the application of short, low-voltage pulses of electrical current to the pelvic nerves that stimulate the smooth muscles of the ampullae and vas deferens to induce ejaculation.


Did you know that according to some research, electroejaculation is an aversive experience for rams and have identified signs (vocalization, increased heart rate, increased respiration rate, increased serum cortisol concentration and increased serum creatine kinase activity) that indicate the potential for rams, bulls and bucks to experience discomfort, pain or distress associated with electroejaculation. These responses to electroejaculation are mainly due to electrical stimulation rather than a consequence of normal ejaculation, restraint or insertion of the rectal probe.

It is important that veterinarians intending to use electroejaculation should satisfy themselves that they have had sufficient training in the use of this procedure. Prior to electroejaculation, the animal must be examined to determine its suitability for the procedure and the requirements for analgesia and chemical restraint should be evaluated. The animal must be restrained in a manner that minimizes the risks of stress and injury. Gentle handling, habituation to the collection area and positive reinforcement such as feeding can reduce stress.

Care is required to ensure that the anus and rectum are prepared prior to insertion of an appropriately sized, lubricated and sanitized probe. The equipment used must be manufactured for that purpose and maintained in good working condition. The equipment must be operated in a manner that only uses the minimum electrical stimulation that is sufficient to produce an ejaculation. If after repeated electrical stimulation, the procedure fails to produce an ejaculate, or if the animal becomes distressed, or is at risk of injury, the procedure should be stopped, and the animal not reused for an appropriate period.

In summary, Electroejaculation has the potential to cause discomfort, especially if the procedure is not conducted appropriately which is why it is recommended that the electroejaculation of rams is a procedure that must only be performed by a veterinarian. 



What is electroejaculation?


Reading Assignment

Who is a Veterinarian?


Weekend Assignment

Explain two differences between artificial insemination and electroejaculation


We hope you enjoyed today’s class. In our next class, we will be learning about Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Insemination. 

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