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branches of agriculture











The following are the branches of agriculture;

  1. Agronomy
  2. Horticulture
  3. Forestry
  4. Animal husbandry
  5. Fishery science
  6. Agricultural Engineering
  7. Home science

I will be breaking it down for more explanation;


Deals with the production of various crops, which includes food crops, fodder crops, fibre crops, sugar, oilseeds, etc. The aim is to have better food production and how to control diseases.


Horticulture deals with the production of fruits, vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants, spices, condiments and beverages.


It deals with the production of large-scale cultivation of perennial trees for supplying wood, timber, rubber, etc. and raw materials for industries.

branches of agriculture

Animal husbandry:

It deals with the agricultural practice of breeding and raising livestock in order to provide food for humans and to provide power (draught) and manure for crops.

Fishery science:

Deals with the practice of breeding and rearing fishes including marine and inland fishes, shrimps, prawns etc. in order to provide food, feed and manure.

Agricultural Engineering:

Deals with farm machinery for filed preparation, inter-cultivation, harvesting and post-harvest processing including soil and water conservation engineering and bio-energy.

branches of agriculture

Home Science:

Deals with application and utilization of agricultural produce in a better manner in order to provide nutritional security, including value addition and food preparation. On integration, all the seven branches, first three is grouped as for crop production group and next two animal management and last two-allied agriculture branches.


In our next class, we will be talking about Crop Plant Form. We hope you enjoyed the class.

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