Meaning and Importance of Agriculture


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The Meaning and Importance of Agriculture

Everywhere you look, you can see the existence of agriculture, it’s an evident part of our lives. Even with the advent of technology, agriculture remains one of the most important fabrics of any society. In this class, I will attempt to show you how important Agriculture is to individuals, countries and even the existence of our world.

Meaning and Importance of Agriculture

So, where Did the Word ‘Agriculture’ Come From?

The word ‘AGRICULTURE’ is derived from two Latin words ‘AGRI’ meaning field and “CULTURA” meaning growing or cultivating. Therefore, Agriculture can be defined as the art and science of cultivating soil, producing crops and raising of animals for the benefit of humanity. Agriculture can also be defined as the practice of growing crops or raising animals. Agriculture is the science and art of cultivating plants and live stocks.

Now that you know where the word ‘Agriculture’ comes from and I believe you can define it succinctly let me show you how important Agriculture is to mankind.

The Importance of Agriculture

  • Agriculture provides shelter for man
  • Employment is generated through Agriculture
  • We have clothing as a result of Agriculture
  • Government generates more revenue through Agriculture
  • Agriculture can serve as a source of income
  • Foreign exchange can be done through Agriculture as well
  • Agriculture is also an important source of resource mobilization
  • No one can deny that Agriculture gives or provides mankind with health-boosting food
  • Industry raw materials are facilitated as well through Agriculture.

Now, you will agree with me that Agriculture is very important to mankind but in case you still have a doubt, let’s break some of this importance of Agriculture down together. Please stay with me.


Provision of Shelter Materials

Through Agriculture, shelter and accommodation are provided to mankind; without it, we would be nomads roaming about the world and suffering from all kinds of diseases and sickness because we have nowhere to lay our heads. The Shelter which Agriculture provides help to protect man from adverse weather conditions (like rain, excessive sun, thunder, lightning, heat, cold and more) and predators (like rats, snakes, mosquitos, lizards and more).

You may want to ask how is it that Agriculture provides Shelter for us? I will show you!

Agriculture is a source of materials used in building houses; materials such as timbers, leaf, and even the soil are used in building houses. In some cases, they cannot be used directly but they can be converted from raw materials to finished products that are used in building these houses (shelter).

Provision of Foods

We all know agriculture has played a great role in the provision of our daily food, if there is not agriculture there won’t be human because without food all human will die.  This is the most important contribution of agriculture to man because food is required for our survival. People need food to live. Farm animals also need food. The food could be meat, eggs, and milk from farm animals and products from many different crops such as yam, rice, maize, etc.

Meaning and Importance of Agriculture 2

Provision of Clothing

Agriculture makes it easy for us all to move around freely, without this, fibres that are turned into cloth won’t be in existence.

It provides fibre, silk, and cotton from plants for textile production, hides, and skins as well as wool from sheep for clothing, shoes, belts, and bags. Agriculture has played a very vital role in our today’s fashion and clothing lines.

Source of Income

Agriculture provides a source of income to man such that when one rear and plant crop, it can be sold to raise money. The selling of agricultural produces has made it possible for us to earn which boost our source of income.

Provision of Employments

Agriculture provides employment in such a way that farmer employ more people so the work will be easier. Agriculture is one of the most lucrative businesses out now. Lots of people venture into it and this is a way in which job is created for them.

In conclusion, Agriculture is very important to mankind and has done us lots of good. Now, you know the meaning and importance of Agriculture.


In the next class, we will be talking about Forms of Agriculture. We hope you enjoyed the class.

Should you have any further question, feel free to ask in the comment section below and trust us to respond as soon as possible.


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