Officials of Gymnastics and their Duties


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Officials of Gymnastics and their Duties

Officials of Gymnastic

Officials in gymnastics are generally called judges, and they can be distinguished into the following classes:

  1. Head judge
  2. Referee
  3. Acting judge
  4. Line judge
  5. Timekeeper

The following is a description of the duties of a gymnastic judge:

  1. To respect the needs of each team, coach, gymnast and other judges.
  2. To arrive at the judges’ meetings on time and in judging uniform.
  3. Act only in the capacity of an official during warm-ups and competition and not serve in a dual capacity, i.e. coach/judge.
  4. To be knowledgeable and to understand the rules and regulations governing competitions.
  5. To be certain that both coaches and gymnasts are present before the warm-up begins.
  6. Be quick, cooperative and efficient in resolving differences during a conference
  7. To score gymnasts based on their performance, and make appropriate calls where necessary.
  8. Refrain from talking to other judges during competition, unless necessary.
  9. Be confidential about matters, opinions and scores of their o other judges’.
  10. To acknowledge gymnasts with eye contact at the beginning and end of each routine.
  11. To work quickly and accurately to produce a score, and to be prepared to justify that score.

Generally, Judges play a critical role in establishing the environment at all competitions. This environment should be safe, fair, positive, relaxed and friendly.

Safety rules for non-contact sports

Despite the huge benefits of sports, there is a high risk of accidents and injuries. Thus, it is important to adhere to safety rules such as:

  1. Warm-up and stretch before practices and games to release muscle tension.
  2. Remember to hydrate: taking water or fluids during games or practice keep athletes from burn out.
  3. Wear appropriate sports gears where and when required preventing or reducing severity.
  4. An athlete with a suspected concussion must be removed from the game.
  5. Never play when injured or ill.
  6. Make rest a priority to avoid over-stretching of the muscle and lungs.
  7. Know the rules of the game.


In our next class, we will be talking about Physical Fitness and Body Conditioning Programme.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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