Common Features of Word Processing

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Common Features of Word Processing

Word processing software is one of the most common technology tools in the world, allowing users to create resumes and cover letters, business correspondence, blog posts, novels, and more.

features of word processing

Traditionally, word processors were computer applications downloaded to a specific number of computers. But as cloud computing has become more common, so have browser-based word processors. These typically lack the more advanced features of a traditional program; however, they offer more flexibility and the ability to collaborate in real time.

Word processor is a device or software program capable of creating, storing, and printing text documents.

Features Of Word Processing Software

  • Text manipulation

The main feature of any word processor is the ability to manipulate text within a document, such as the ability to insert, cut and paste, and copy text. More advanced capabilities may include word wrapping, where the program automatically moves to the next line once you’ve filled the current one with text. The ability to quickly type, edit, and move text is what makes word processing programs such valuable tools for any computer user.

  • Font specifications

Another standard feature of word processors is the ability to change the look of fonts within a document. Most programs give users the ability to bold, italicize, and underline text, as well as change the font size. Different typefaces are usually available, helping users create a document that is more uniform and easier to read than something handwritten.

In summary, Word Processor allows users to write and modify text, display it on a screen, save it electronically, and print it out.



Define Word Processor


Reading Assignment

Explain two features of Word Processor


Weekend Assignment

Give two examples of Word Processors


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