Computer Output Device


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Computer Output Device

Computer Output Device

Computer Output Devices are various types of computer hardware which uses data and commands from the computer itself to perform assigned tasks. In other words, the output devices facilitate data processing by carrying out commands given by the computer. They convert electronically-generated information into human-readable forms.

Types of output devices

There are three types of output devices. These are discussed below-

  • Graphics Output (Visual):

This is an output device that enables graphical contents to be displayed for viewing; usually on screen. These contents could be texts, images or moving pictures (videos). Please note that before being displayed on your computer screen, graphic files are stored on your computer, and they do not have physical size until they are displayed on-screen or printed on paper. In this light therefore, graphics output devices are important for a wholesome use of the computer system.

  • Tactile Output:

These types of computer output devices are also used for displaying objects but mainly in the form of printing. Tactile output devices are also described as “handheld devices that use an array of vibrating pins to present a tactile outline of the characters or text under the viewing window of the device.”

  • Audio Output:

These include everything from speakers to headphones and every audio-related devices that are used to interpret information from the computer system; albeit in an audio format. This information could include audio-texts, music and other sounds.

Examples of output devices
  1. Computer  Screens/Monitors
  2. Digital Projectors
  3. Printer
  4. Speakers/Headphones
  5. GPS
  6. Braille Reader etc.
  1. Define computer output devices.
  2. List and explain the types of output devices.
  3. List the examples of output devices.
  4. List and explain the types of printers.


In our next class, we will be talking about the Computer Output Device (Printer). We hope you enjoyed the class.

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