Drug Abuse and Trafficking 



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In today’s class, we’re going to be talking about Drug Abuse and Trafficking. I trust you will enjoy the class!

Drug Abuse and Trafficking 

What is Drug Abuse?

Drug Abuse and Trafficking 
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  – Using drugs in a way that is harmful to oneself or others.

  – It can include taking too much medicine or using someone else’s medicine.

Why is it Bad?

Drug Abuse and Trafficking 

  – It can make people sick or hurt them.

  – It can also make it hard for them to think, work, or play.

Learning About Drug Trafficking

– What is Drug Trafficking?

  – It’s when people illegally sell or move drugs.

  – This is against the law because it can harm many people.

How to Stay Safe

– Saying No to Drugs

  – If someone offers you drugs, it’s okay to say no.

  – You can walk away and tell a trusted adult.

Helping Friends

  – If you think a friend is using drugs, tell a teacher or parent.

  – It’s important to help friends stay safe and healthy.

Role of Community Helpers

– Police Officers and Doctors

  – They work to stop drug abuse and trafficking.

  – They help keep our community safe.

Question Time:

  1. What is a government and why is it important in our community?
  2. Can you name two types of government and explain how they are different?
  3. What are some ways you can be a good citizen in a democracy?
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