Morals and Values Through Religion



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Morals and Values Through Religion

What Are Morals and Values?

Morals and Values Through Religion

  – Morals are rules that guide what is right and wrong.

  – Values are what we believe are important, like honesty and kindness.

Learning from Religious Stories

  – Many religions use stories to teach morals and values.

  – These stories often feature heroes who do the right thing, even when it’s hard.

Common Values Across Religions

Morals and Values Through Religion

  – Respect: Treating others the way you want to be treated.

  – Compassion: Caring for others and helping those in need.

  – Courage: Standing up for what is right.

– Celebrating Differences

  – Every religion has its own special way of teaching values.

  – We can learn from each other and celebrate our differences.

 Activities to Learn More

– Story Time: Read religious stories and discuss the morals they teach.

– Value of the Week: Focus on a different value and find ways to practice it.


– Morals and values help us make good choices and be better friends.

– It’s okay to ask questions and learn about different beliefs.

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