Graphic Package II


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Graphic Package II

CorelDraw |

Operational tools

The operational tools are as follows:

  • The Toolbox

The toolbox provides you with operational tools. The basic categories of tools are:

  1. Utility Tools
  2. Diagramming Objects
  3. Interactive Tools
  4. Painting Tools
  • Utility Tools

The Pick Tool

  1. For selecting objects.
  2. For moving, sizing, rotating and skewing object.

The Shape Tool

  1. For editing the shapes of the diagramming object and text.
  2. The shape fly-out give access to knife tool, eraser tool, Free Transform tools.

The Zoom Tool

  1. For changing views.
  2. The zoom fly-out gives you access to the Panning tool.
  • Diagramming Object

The Freehand Tool

  1. For drawing straight lines, curves.
  2. For auto-tracking bitmap images.
  3. The freehand fly-out gives you access to the Bezier (curve) tool; Natural Pen tool; Dimension line tool and connector line tool.

Rectangle Tool

  1. For drawing rectangles and squares

Ellipse Tool

  1. For drawing ellipse and circles.

The Polygon Tool

  1. For drawing multi-sided shapes like stars or polygons.
  2. The polygon fly-out gives access to the spiral tool and Graph paper tool.

The Text Tool

  1. For placing Artistic text and paragraph text.
  • Interactive Tools

Interactive fill Tool

  1. For placing various fills on the page interactively.

Interactive Transparency Tool

  1. For creating transparent effects interactively.

Interactive Blend tool

  1. The interactive Blend fly-out gives you access to the new distorted tool; Interactive envelop; Extrude and Drop shadow tools.
  • Painting Tool

Outline Tool

  1. For setting outline thickness and colour.
  2. For creating line ending attributes.
  3. For creating calligraphic effect.
  4. For applying dash line patterns.

Fill Tool

  1. For setting fill colours and screens.
  2. For creating fountain fill.
  3. For applying pattern tile fills.
  4. For applying texture fills.
  5. For applying special PostScript fills.


  1. What is the function of the shape tool?
  2. Differentiate between a fill tool and an outline tool
General evaluation
  1. List the categories of a toolbox
  2. Explain four functions of any tool in the toolbox

Reading assignment

Senior Secondary Education by HiiT Plc. Pages 149 – 153.

Weekend assignment

Instruction: Choose the correct option from the ones lettered  A to D

  1. Which of these is not a category for a toolbox? (a) diagrammatic (b) interactive (c)  utility  (d) shaping
  2. Which of these is not a utility tool? (a) pick tool(b) zoom tool(c) shape tool(d) outline tool
  3. Which of these is not diagramming object tool? (a) freehand tool (b) polygon tool   (c) text tool  (d) fill tool
  4. ___ tool is used for placing various fills on a page interactively(a) interactive fill (b) interactive transparency(c) interactive blend(d) fill
  5. ___ tool is used for setting outline thickness and colour(a) outline (b) fill (c) transparency(d) interactive


In our next class, we will be talking more about Graphic Package.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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