Human Right Abuse


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Human Right Abuse

human right abuse

Human right abuse refers to the infringement to the right of an individual resulting in the individual not being able to enjoy his or her fundamental right. The abuse may result from the following;

  1. A citizen may be denied his or her right if it is in the interest of public order.
  2. A citizen may be denied his or her right if it is in the interest of the defense of his nation.
  3. A citizen may be denied his or her right to prevent trespass.
  4. A citizen may be denied his or her right in order to protect the security of the state.
  5. A citizen is not likely to enjoy his right when such right is detrimental to other peoples right.

Means and methods of human right abuse

  • Government aspect:
  1. The imposition of religion.
  2. The assassination of innocent citizens.
  3. Press may be proscribed.
  4. The government may disband any association at any point in time.
  5. Misappropriate of a fund by the authority.
  • Individual aspect:
  1. Drug abuse.
  2. Gender equality.
  3. Character assassination.
  4. Committed suicide.

Effect of human right abuse

  1. It leads to loss of life.
  2. It can lead to national debt.
  3. People tend to demonstrate apathy toward government policies.
  4. It retards the progress of the nation.

Ways of preventing and checking human right abuse

  1. The constitution
  2. Mass literacy
  3. The court
  4. The mass media
  5. Public complaint commission
  6. Public opinion


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