Meaning of Waste Disposal

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Meaning of Waste Disposal 

meaning of waste disposal

Waste is any unwanted or unuseful material. These are objects that have been discarded since these materials are not functioning anymore. Waste can be in any form (liquid, solid or gas), although generally, waste is solid. There are various types of wastes like unwanted food, torn clothes, kitchen waste, and so on. 

Waste disposal means removing, discarding, recycling or destroying unwanted materials called waste that is produced from agriculture, domestic usage or industrial products. Following the correct methods for waste disposal will ensure lesser pollution and hazards for the environment. Proper waste management is necessary with steps involving the proper collection of waste and scientific treatments that may contribute less to water pollution, soil pollution and air pollution.

The dumps with harmful substances in the waste can release toxic fumes and smoke. Therefore, the correct disposal for the particular kind of waste is necessary, for example burning all kinds of wastes may lead to the above problem and cause harm to bodies. Also, dumping into rivers and filling land depressions without proper administration is not encouraged. Wastes including plastics, batteries, sanitary and oil products should be properly disposed of. Doing so may result in a hazardous environment and a polluted atmosphere. 

Waste management is an important term associated with waste disposal and both go hand in hand for maintaining a clean environment. In summary, waste disposal  should also include a waste management system. The 7 R’s associated with waste management are Refuse, Repurpose, Reduce, Reuse, Rot, Recycle and Rethink


Explain what a Waste is


Reading Assignment

What do you understand about Waste Disposal?


Weekend Assignment

Identify any three methods of Waste Disposal and how they are being carried out. 


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