Midterm Test

Welcome to today’s class!!

We are thrilled to have you in our class!!

In today’s Physical Education Class, we will be having our Midterm Tests

     Midterm Tests 

midterm test

The following questions are on some of the topics we have covered so far in Physical Health Education. 

Remember, this is to help you assess your understanding on each topic, so do your best!

  1. What is First Aid?
  2. Give two uses of First Aid
  3. How do you define a Middle Distance Race?
  4. Identify a reason why a Middle Distance Race is different from a Long Distance Race.
  5. What type of Sports is Football
  6. Give three importance to Physical Fitness.

We hope you enjoyed today’s Test. In our next class, we will be talking about Basketball Officials.

Let us know your thoughts and questions in the comment section, and we will attend to them as fast as we can.

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