His early life
Umar bnalkhattah was born in 553. He was a famous wrestler and orator. He was among the few people in makkah who know who knew reading and writing during the jallkiliyyah period. Umar, was one of the strong enemies of Islam be core he accepted Islam theon day he planned to kill the prophet on accepting he declared openly. He was fired by the pegansinmaturah, because of his courage, holdress and open support for Islam prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) gave him the little “alfaraq” meaning the wrong (baatil) he announced his migration to madina openly and loudly. Before he became the second caliph he participated in almost all the battles, including bads, uhud, ahzah, khandaq and hunyn. Umar was the first person to pledge loyality (basist) the hands Abu-Bakr and then helped him in his administration.

Before the demise of the first caliph,Abu-Bakr consulted the surah (council of adviser) on the appointment of the next caliph after him. He therefore sent for abdulrahanonawur, talhabnubaydullah and other leaders among the muhjujirum and the ansars, he consulted them as to succession when he found that the majority of the companions faouredumar, he was worried about the hot temper of Umar and ordered ulhman to write out an ordinance appointed Umar to succeed the caliphate without any opposition and umarbn al-khallah was elected as the second caliph in august 634AP.

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