His early life
Ali bnabutali is reported to have been born thirty years after the death of the prophet, probably in the year 601AD. Ali belonged to the family of quraysh, the banyhushim. His father abutalib was the uncle of the prophet who brought him up after the death of Abdul mutre, ali was the first youth to accept Islam at the age of ten. The prophet loved him very much. He asked Ali to sleep him in his bed on the very night the tribes men plotted to assassinate the prophet. The prophet entrusted the people’s properties into Ali’s hand and instructed him to return them to the faithful owner after his migration to madinah. Aliwasa very brave man, he participated in almost all the battle against the non-believers during the life of the prophet, because of his bravery, ali was given the title of Asadullah meaning the lion of Allah. Ali was not only a worry but also a great. He was a master of Arabic and his writings were effective as his speech.

Following the assassination ofhhaliratuthman, there was confusion in madinah for about five days/. Abdullah bas aba then suggested that ali should take charge of the khalifah. Ali refused to accept the offer because of the circumstance surrounding the assassination of uthman. However ali considered the interest of Islam and the agreed to accept the responsibility of the caliphate. So, on 23,June 656, everyone swore allegiance to Ali and he was deceived the khalifah of Islam.

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