Citizenship II


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Citizenship II


Ways of depriving people of their citizenship

  1. Through disloyalty: a naturalized citizen can lose his citizenship if his activities are prejudicial to the country’s corporate existence.
  2. Treason: the nationalized citizen can equally lose his citizenship if found guilty of the offence.
  3. Imprisonment: the individual can also lose his citizenship if within a period of say 5-7 years after becoming nationalized; he gets involved in a criminal case, resulting in his incarceration for years.
  4. Renouncement: the individual can lose his citizenship by renouncing it.
  5. False declaration: if there is a fundamental breach of the citizenship agreement binding him or her. E.g. false declaration
  6. Supporting another country: if a citizen is found supporting another country engaged in war with the country, his citizenship may be deprived.

Right of a citizen

  1. Right to life
  2. Right to life of privacy.
  3. Right to freedom of thought.
  4. Right to freedom of religion.
  5. Right to freedom of speech.
  6. Right to a fair hearing.
  7. Right to personal freedom and liberty.
  8. Right to freedom of movement.
  9. Right to freedom of expression.
  10. Right to vote and be voted for.

Duties and obligation of a citizen

  1. Obedience to law
  2. To pay taxes and other levies regularly and on time.
  3. Total commitment to a job or vocation.
  4. Safeguard the interest and territorial integrity of Nigeria
  5. Participating in electoral duties.

Qualifications needed to apply for citizen

A foreigner can apply for Nigeria citizenship if he or she fulfils the following condition and terms stated in the 1999 constitution.

  1. He must be mature and sane
  2. He must have taken the oath of allegiance to Nigeria
  3. The governor of the state, which he wants to live, must confirm his acceptance to the community.
  4. He must have contributed to the growth of Nigeria
  5. He must be of a good character
  6. He must have shown clearly that he wants to live in Nigeria.
  7. He must have live in Nigeria continuously for at least 15 years before he is making the application or for one year continuously and for a total of 15 years in the previous 20 years.

Limitation of a citizen

  1. A citizen has no right to slander another.
  2. A citizen has no right to trespass into another person property.
  3. The government may restrict citizens movement during the emergency period
  4. A citizen who is imprisoned may lose his voting right and movement while in prison.


In our next class, we will be talking about the Rights and Duties of Citizens.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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