12 Things Every Student Must Do During This Covid-19 Lockdown

12 things every student must do during this COVID-19 lockdown

This is an unprecedented time in the history of the world. The world is changing as we used to know it. The streets are deserted, and everyone is hibernating. However, your life does not need to an end just because of one virus. There is still so much you can do while you are locked behind closed doors.


It would interest you to know that it is at such a time as this several innovative businesses would be birthed by those who leverage the gift of isolation.

Every Nigerian student who should be in school but is presently at home because of COVID-19 must make use of this season to their advantage. Rather than allow their destinies to be jeopardized, they can turn this situation around in their own favor.


It’s time to do some more important things with your life. These are 13 things every student must do before school resumes


The best time to get yourself organized for resumption is now that there is still time to play around. Gather up all your scattered school materials and arrange them in a safe place. You do not want to be looking for a textbook or an important school note when school resumes, only to find out that it has been carelessly soiled with oil in the kitchen, or some pages torn away by a sibling. Keep all of your school materials in one place so you can easily access them whenever the Corona Virus episode comes to an end.



If there was any academic related work that you missed while school was still in session, you do not have to wait until school resumes to catch up on them. Use this God-given opportunity (or rather Corona created opportunity) to your advantage. If you missed a class note, update your notes. Do all the omitted assignments. Write your lab reports. Complete your class projects. Do your team works by taking advantage of online meetings using social media. All of these will make you readily prepared for resumption. You can also log on to any of these three curriculum specific sites for free materials classnotes.ng.



Do not just put your academic life on hold for now because of the Corona holidays. Constantly engage in revisions. Spread the courses you offer in school over a period of time. Say, if you have registered for eight courses this semester, spread them over the four weeks of school closure. This means you will need to study two courses per week. So, dedicate at least two days in each week for the study of these courses. This way, you likely may be able to cover all your courses before the resumption, and you will be in a better academic shape once school resumes. Take advantage of this period to give yourself an academic lift. If every student will do this, this can be their best semester so far. Some schools will start examination immediately school resumes and their will be no time for revisions again. If you do not take advantage of this free time to revise, you may regret it. To access free past questions during your revisions, simply log on to freepastquestions.com.



If you had ever felt school was boring to you, and that you would have loved to develop an inborn talent, but the enormous challenges of academic work will not allow you devote time to channel your energy towards a god given dream, then you no longer have any excuse. Maximize this period to develop this god given talent and make sure you achieve a part of, if not all of that dream before school resumes.


Write that book and publish it. Compose that song and use an online studio to release a track, since you are unable to go to real life studio now. Start that video skit. Whatever your talent is, do something about it before this break is over



If you have never thought about a specific talent in your life, you likely may say there is none to develop. That will still not be an excuse for you to waste these precious moments. Go learn a skill. Look for something new to add to your life. Learn a skill that will be relevant to your future.

learn how to cooks

Learn how to make beads. Learn how to sow dresses. Learn hair dressing. Learn event decoration. Learn photography. Learn publishing. Learn something about digital marketing from Youtube. Take an online course from any free online college. Learn how to play that musical instrument. There are enough videos on YouTube. I learnt how to play Saxophone in two week by watching YouTube videos.

If you don’t find something to learn, go learn how to cook (funny as it sounds). Just make sure you learn a skill.



Most students do not have a well-planned out life. They just hope that life will be fair on them once they graduate from the university. If you are also one of such, this is the best time to spend enough time to plan your future and rightly channel it the way you desire it goes. What will you like to do after graduation? Service year is the ready answer in your mind! What if Service is delayed by a year, what will you do with the time? If Service eventually comes, what will you do during service year? Will you consider any pet project? What will it be about? How will you raise fund for it? What happens after Service year? Which organization will you like to work with? Do they have a specific requirement? How do you meet that requirement in order to make your dream of working with them possible? There are a million and one questions that need to be answered before time, and this is the best time to do that. And do not forget to add this all-important question “at what stage after graduation do I want to be married?”



It is sad to note that while kindergartens in the developed world are already being introduced to computers, there are still final year students in our universities who do not know how to use one of the most common applications on the computer – Microsoft Word. The closest they have ever gotten to the IT world is to check their Facebook page on their android phones or reply their emails using the opera mini on same phone. Please, do not pretend to know what you do not know; go update your computer knowledge. If you don’t, you will not know what you have missed until it is almost over for you. Get a laptop or desktop computer and sit with it. You really do not need a teacher. These applications are all user-friendly. If you feel you need a teacher go online and ask Google. Whatever questions you want to ask are already answered there. If you cannot het a laptop or desktop around, download Doc-to-go on your android phone and acquaint yourself with the basic operations of major applications like MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, CorelDraw etc.



All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy. Play some indoor games. Download some mind tasking games on your phone. Play Ludo, Monopoly, Scrabble, Draft, checkers, Chess etc with family members whom you are sure have not yet contacted the flu. Do not just be mourning the friends in school that you have no access to. Use this opportunity to build up your relationship with your family members. Watch some movies together and reconnect on a big scale. Whatever you can do to catch some fun, please do. It is good for your health.



I am sure you want to resume to school in one piece. So, take every necessary precaution to ensure that you do not contact the flu. Considering your age, from the medical reports available to all, it is a known fact that you may not die if you contact the dreaded virus, since your immunity is still very high. However, you still need to be careful. You cannot afford to take chances. Someone has opined that, even if you get healed of the virus, your life can never be the same again. Although this is not yet proven medically, but don’t wait until it is. Stay at home as much as you can. Avoid public gatherings. Wash your hands often, and stay safe for yourself and your family.

  1. PRAY

Take time out to pray. There are so many things you can pray about at your age. Pray for your future. Pray for your relationships. Pray for your academics. Pray for your family. More importantly, pray that God should intervene and bring a solution to the present situation in the world at large, and of the country specifically, so that school can resume back on time.



There is no better time in your life to start a relationship with God than now. If you do not have a relationship with him, you should begin to reconsider your stand now. Those who do not give God their audience while on campus do not get his attention after graduating from campus. If you have a relationship with Him already, be more committed to the relationship.


If you know other students who are also at home because of this compulsory holiday, share this information with them. Broadcast it on your FB. Retweet on your Twitter. Share on Telegram. Just spread it around. There is someone on your network who needs it much more than you do. Let them also take advantage of this period to better their lives.

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