Priceless benefits of using for Students, Teachers, Parents and Schools

Benefits of using for Students, Teachers, Parents and Schools

Prior to the novel COVID-19 pandemic, over 15 million young Nigerians were out of school, 83% of candidates fail WASSCE and almost half of our population can’t read, write or create anything meaningful.


Education has been at the root of all our challenges and, to make matters worse, during this lock-down period, it’s easier for students’ education to take backseat. Unfortunately, an uneducated nation ultimately becomes a relegated nation.


While schools are shut and students left to play games on the street, there is urgent enormous need for quality virtual education in Nigeria right now.


Having been working around-the-clock alongside our solid team and strong network of seasoned teachers nationwide, we introduced to fill this gap in early April. Since then, we have seen over 110,00 views alongside numerous overwhelming feedback within the first two weeks, and we’re happier to serve. provides every Nigerian secondary school student (JSS1 to SS3) freedom to learn curriculum-relevant subjects and topics they want, when they want it, and at the pace they want it. It’s exciting to know that finally, Nigerian students can access curriculum-relevant high school education online.


This means, as a student, you can now study at your pace, ahead of your class mates and ace your examinations successfully. For schools, it means teachers can now deliver better learning outcomes using our ready, excellent lesson notes to achieve the most effective learning experience possible.


So, how and why does works?

Below are some of the peerless reasons why thousands of students and teachers are in love with alongside some priceless benefits you enjoy accessing world-class education on





1. Learn on your own terms and schedule. With, you can enjoy the freedom of personalized education by studying any topic of your choice, anytime and anywhere. Unlike what obtains within the four walls of a physical school, here, you’ve got the flexibility to choose from thousands of expert-led topics now, covering the approved secondary school curriculum.


2. Become the superstar in your class. Just as we can’t change our society by becoming like our society, to become part of the top 10% of your class, you have to do what the 90% wouldn’t do. This has to do with dedicated study on the right platform. On Class Notes, you get to study ahead of your peers toward attaining academic excellence, like no other.


3. Pass examinations effortlessly, like a boss! It is a well-known fact that prior proper preparation prevents poor performance. Packed with genius content from seasoned WAEC examiners, helps you to achieve extra-ordinary results in highly competitive exams like WASSCE, NECO, GCE, BECE etc.


4. Get admitted to your choice university easily. Seeking admission into university? You finally have the solution within reach in You also get to exercise and update your academic knowledge while awaiting admission.





5. Save time and teach on the go. Did you miss preparing your lesson note for today or forget it somewhere? As a teacher, in this busy world, you can find that life-saving help with ready and quality lesson notes to on instantly, for any class or subject, anytime you need to teach, anywhere.


6. Update your lesson notes. Not certain you’ve got the government approved class content for your class? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Simply log on the class and course of your choice, and voila your problem is solved.


7. Improve your student’s performance by having then study ahead of the class. Truth is you stand to achieve better results with your students when they learn ahead of the next class. So why not recommend them to study ahead of your next class on, to aid your teaching experience for next classes.


8. Become a role model teacher. Differentiate your classroom with increased engagement and stand out as a forward-thinking teacher across your school, state and country. With, it is possible!





9. Improve your school’s learning outcomes. Empower your school to stand-out by availing your students supplementary education for them to achieve high-flying success that makes your school shine even brighter.

10.  Command best results for WAEC, NECO JAMB. Granting your students access to ClassNotes would help them deliver best results in highly competitive examinations like WASSCE, UME etc.

11. Align your school with government approved curriculum. Packed with 100% curriculum-specific educational content from JSS1 to SS3, you stand to further align your school with best educational standard practices by having your students learn on

12. Introduce your students to the future of learning.   If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow. Integrating technology with face-to-face teacher time generally produces better academic outcomes than employing either technique alone. We need to embrace technology to make learning more engaging. Because when students are engaged and they are interested, that’s where great learning takes place.




13. Subscribe your child to the best class notes, tests and educational content, prepared by expert tutors, for superior academic performance in their most important exams.

14. Transform your child’s life through world-class education.

Empower your child with access to genius, curriculum-relevant content created by highly-experienced educators for high-flying students.


If our testimonials and results are anything to go by, in Africa’s education sector, is a life-shaper and game-changer, for kids who are both in school and out of school. brings textbooks to life and connects students to their peers across other parts of the world, while bridging the quality gaps.


At, we believe every child deserves a chance to learn and anyone can learn anything if they care to do what it takes.


Simply signup at to begin your learning journey to superior academic achievement!



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  1. This is quite an interesting discovery as I was looking for something else entirely. I think this is very important for students at this COVID-19 period, particularly those whose schools are lacking to catch on to the online trend. And I think a good phone like the Tecno Spark Go is a good start for most students within a tight budget for this kind of online education.

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