Cosmetic and Deodorants


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Cosmetic and Deodorants

Cosmetics are make-ups used in improving natural features, while deodorants are used to take out perspiration. Cosmetics are superficial measures used to make something appear better, more attractive, or more impressive.








The benefits of cosmetics and toiletries are many and Cosmetic Scientists are skilled at developing products to meet these needs.

  • The skin condition can be improved by the application of preventative and treatment cosmetics. This includes moisturisation, tone, wrinkle and blemish reduction associated with skin ageing.
  • Symptoms of acne can be reduced.
  • Skin can be protected from sun damage by appropriate use of sunscreen products.
    • Antiperspirants and Deodorants are effective in reducing perspiration and body odours.
  • Skin Fragrance can be used to elicit strong positive emotion.
    • Hair can be cleaned with shampoo conditioner and treated to enhance its appearance.
    • Shaded Products – colour cosmetics such as foundation, lipstick, eye, nail and lip products are used to enhance the appearance.
  • Dental products, such as toothpaste and oral washes work to clean and reduce odour.
  • Soaps cleanse the skin and help to reduce bacteria. Cosmetics impart benefits to an individual. Apart from the more often cited physiological benefits, there are very real psychological and social benefits to be gained from the use of cosmetics. It is these benefits that ensure cosmetic products are and will remain, an integral part of life.

Types of deodorant

Before you choose a deodorant, get familiar with the choices. Some deodorants offer a very noticeable scent, while others may have no scent. Others may feel different when they are applied.

  • Aerosol:

These deodorants usually spray on and have a powdery finish when dry. They offer very good protection, but the product may be cold when first applied. Aerosol deodorants are ideal for the gym or locker room. They can be shared easily with others, as the applicator never touches the skin.

  • Roll-On:

Roll-on deodorants are easy to apply, but because they are liquid, they can be cool and wet when first applied. They usually offer good odour protection.

  • Gel or Cream:

These deodorants are a thick liquid when applied, but usually, dry clear. They are often very good at keeping body odour away.

  • Invisible solid:

Invisible solid deodorants are a solid, powdery stick that when applied is clean and dry. They are an ideal choice if your tween is worried about residue on their clothes.

  • Solid:

Solid deodorants are also powdery and go on dry. But they may leave a bit of residue on clothing.

  • Crystal:

Crystal deodorants or antiperspirants are made of natural mineral salts. They are a good choice for tweens who embrace natural products or who have very sensitive skin. They can be found in health food stores and online.

  • Wipes:

Deodorant wipes are individually packed, single-use, and disposable. wipes. They are ideal for trips or for keeping on hand for those days when you forget to apply your regular deodorant. Your child may want to throw a few into their backpack or locker. Because they are individually wrapped, they can be shared with others. You can find deodorant wipes at your drug store or online.

  • Scented or Unscented:

Whether your child chooses a scented or an unscented deodorant is a personal preference. If your tween already wears perfume or cologne, it might be best to choose an unscented deodorant so that you avoid competing scents or scents that don’t work well together. Some tweens and teens have very strong opinions on this issue, so be sure to discuss before you purchase.


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