Economic Groupings in West Africa II


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Economic Groupings in West Africa II

Economic Groupings in West Africa

Problems or failure of ECOWAS
  1. Language differences among member countries.
  2. Currency differences among member countries.
  3. Irregular payment of contribution /dues by member states.
  4. Existence of blocs with the organization i.e. Anglophone and Francophone blocs
  5. Affinity of some member state to their former colonial masters.
  6. Constant military coups, wars and political instability in member states
  7. Weak national link with the secretariat
  8. Fear of dominant and unequal development

Niger Basin Commission (NBC)

The NBC was established in 1964 via the act of Niamey signed by the nine-member countries, namely Nigeria, Niger, Benin, Mali, Guinea, Cote D’Ivoire, Chad, Cameroun and Burkina Faso. The headquarters of the commission is located in Niamey, Niger Republic.

Aims and objectives of NBC
  1. To ensure the most effective and beneficial use of the waters and resources of River Niger.
  2. To collect, evaluate and disseminate data on the basin.
  3. To recommend to the Governments of member countries plan for the judicious use of the Niger Basin.
  4. To guarantee the freedom of navigation for all member nations on the river.
  5. To foster closer co-operation among member nations.
  6. To handle complaints and settle disputes arising from the use of River Niger by member nations.

Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC)

The LCBC was established in 1964.  It has four member countries namely Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroun.

Aims and objectives of LCBC
  1. To regulate the exploitation of the Lake Chad resources.
  2. To examine member countries plan for Lake Chad.
  3. To ensure co-operation and mutual benefit in the tapping of resources of Lake Chad.
  4. To harmonize the plans and policies of member countries concerning Lake Chad Basin
General evaluation
  1. State five problems of ECOWAS.
  2. List four objectives of the Niger Basin Commission.

Reading assignment

Essential Commerce for SSS by O.A. Longe page 256-261.


  1. List three achievement of ECOWAS.
  2. State two objectives of the LCBC.


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