Food And Drug Administration


It is set up in 1974 under the Federal Ministry of Health. Its functions are:

Formulates standard for foods and drugs in Nigeria.

Makes provision for the appointment of Food Inspecting Officer (FIOs) who monitors the activities of food manufacturers, supermarkets and restaurants and ensure that the set standards and laws are followed.

FIOs prevent the sale of adulterated and misbranded food items to the consumers.



Nafdac functions:


To prohibit the sale of any food or drugs prepared under unsanitary conditions

Check fake advertising of foods and drugs

Ensure that manufactures maintain approved standard with respect to foods and drugs

To monitor the activities of food establishments such as hotels, restaurants, cold- rooms market and food manufacturing companies and enforce proper environment and personal hygiene.

To prohibit the sale of goods that are poisonous or unfit for human consumption



This was established in 1976 as research arm of the price control board. It was formed to uncover all forms of mal-practice engaged in by suppliers, manufacturers and importers towards endangering the rights of consumers. This Agency works as a watchdog of the price, control board and has the following objectives:


To study continuosly and interprete price movement and their relationship to other development in the national economy.

To map out measures for the regulation of prices in various sectors of economy and for the control of hoarding. Hoarding is one of the measure through which seller increase the prices of their commondities.

To check and also supervise the sale price maintenance

To cooperate with similar board to obtain continuously the factory price at goods imported into Nigeria so that it can regulate the prices of these internally.

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