Rechauffe (Leftover Cooking)

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 Rechauffe (Leftover Cooking)


I know we all enjoy eating, but do we all enjoy cooking? An interesting thing about cooking is that you get to try various delicacies whether or not you are a chef!

In Rechauffe cooking, leftover cooked food must be used as soon as possible. Not only does it help in avoiding food wastage, it is also an interesting way to churn out new recipes from already cooked food.

Réchauffé refers to a dish of warmed-up food left over from a previous meal. The practice helps in preventing food wastage by utilization of leftovers.

leftover cooking

As you may have already found out from cooking, cooked food cannot be stored for too long without its quality deteriorating, but it is important to reuse it in some way. 

This is why efforts should be to devise ways of incorporating it as soon as possible, into new dishes, dishes in which the food is completely unrecognizable, yet utmost care should be exercised to ensure that there is no relaxation in terms of the standards of quality offered.

How you use up your leftover meat depends largely on how it was initially cooked. 

Cook-all-day cuts have rich flavor, fork-tender texture and often come with luscious pan drippings or braising liquid that you can incorporate into a whole new dish. Cuts such as steaks and roasts that are served less done in the middle can toughen if not reheated gently. And leftover chopped meat has a roster of delectable and versatile uses. Cooked meat, cooled, covered and stored in the fridge will stay wholesome for three to four days. 

However, leftover meat from long-cooked dishes such as braised roasts, shanks and short ribs don’t mind spending more time in the pot. 

You can easily chop up leftover portions and throw them into soups and stews. You can also take advantage of their fork-tender texture by shredding the meat and using it in these recipes.

In summary, Réchauffé (leftover cooking) helps in preventing food wastage by utilization of leftovers. It basically refers to a dish of warmed-up food left over from a previous meal.


What is the purpose of Rechauffe?


Reading Assignment

Explain the processes involved in transforming a leftover meat to a new one. 


Weekend Assignment

List five leftover food that can be transformed to a new dish.


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