Food-study Poultry

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Food-study Poultry

Poultry is one of the most commonly ate proteins for a good reason. It is lean, plentiful and has a very neutral flavor that lends itself to be easily marinated. 

The secret is that there are countless ways to prepare the types of poultry, and chances are our mothers have a few secret recipes of their own that they hold near and dear.

Poultry consists of many varieties of domesticated birds. These types of poultry include Boilers, Geese, Chickens, Roasters, Pigeons, and Turkeys.

Let’s take a look at some of these and their qualities. 



Young and with a tender meat and smooth skin, the fryer chicken is typically 6-8 weeks in age and is relatively lean. It will have a flexible breastbone which is a good indication of the age. It weighs up to 2kg (4lb) and lends itself well to any cooking method as it is very versatile.


food-study poultry

A roaster is a few weeks older than a fryer and there is not much variation between a roaster and a fryer besides the age, which affects flavor and tenderness. It has tender young meat with smooth skin. The breastbone is less flexible than the fryer and is aged around 8-9 weeks. The weight is 2kg and over. It is suitable for any cooking method.


food-study poultry

A goose contains only dark meat and has very fatty skin. It is usually roasted at high temperatures to render the fat. Roasted goose is popular at holidays in America and is often served with an acidic fruit-based sauce to offset the fattiness.

Food-study Poultry Pigeon


Not as common as many of the other types of poultry out there, and in fact most of these types you will have to actively seek out, however, the pigeon does have roots in history where it was an important part of a diet. 

The young pigeon is not the pigeon you find on the streets but rather raised for the purpose of being eaten. Usually referred to as squad, its meat is dark and tender, suitable for broiling, sauteing or roasting. There is minimal amounts of fat on the pigeon and would, therefore, benefit from barding.



We all know about turkey and we should all know the differences in cooking a turkey compared to cooking a chicken. The difference in size alone means that the cooking methods and cooking times change substantially. 

Turkey is the second most popular type of poultry. It has both light and dark meat and a relatively small amount of fat. Younger turkeys are much more economical and can be prepared in almost any manner. Best cooking methods for the typical young turkey is roast or cut into cutlets and sauteed or pan-fried.


In summary, Poultry consists of many varieties of domesticated birds. These types of poultry include Boilers, Geese, Chickens, Roasters, Pigeons, and Turkeys.



Explain how a Roaster is different from a Boiler


Reading Assignment

Give five examples of Food-study (Poultry)


Weekend Assignment

Write the method involved in preparing a turkey.


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