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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) was first reported in the Los Angeles city of California in 1980. It was first diagnosed in a gay man (homosexual). AIDS is the most severe form of HIV infections. The virus only lives in human and not in animals, insects, water or air. The virus destroys the body’s immune system and the ability of the body to protect its self from germs. Then, the victim is said to be immune deficient.

How people are infected with the virus

  1. Immoral relationships such as having sex with an infected person or unprotected sex.
  2. Blood transfusion: transfusion of infected blood or blood products.
  3. Sharing sharp instruments like a syringe, razor blades, clippers, piercing needles, etc.  with an infected person.
  4. From infected mother to her baby during pregnancy, delivery and other delivery during (breastfeeding).

However, it is discovered that 90 percent of cases of HIV infection occurs through sexual intercourse. It cannot be transmitted through the following: hugging, handshaking, mosquito bites, sharing plates and spoons etc.

Symptoms and effects
  1. Severe weight loss.
  2. Fever lasting for more than one month.
  3. Chronic diarrhoea lasting for than one month.
  4. Persistent fatigue.
  5. Skin irritation.
  6. Constant cough.
  7. Night sweats.

Many of these symptoms are also signs and symptoms of other illnesses. Hence, the only sure way to determine if a person has the disease is through a blood test.

Prevention of HIV/AIDS
  1. Have a good knowledge of the disease through reading and teaching by well-informed people.
  2. Abstinence till marriage is the key.
  3. Avoid prostitution or commercial sex work.
  4. Do not have multiple sex partners. Stick to your spouse.
  5. Walk wisely and do not be a victim of rape. Dress decently.
  6. Have your own hair accessories, for example, combs, hair patting stick, clippers etc.
  7. Treat all private part infection promptly.
  8. Use a condom if there are multiple sex partners.


Mention five ways of preventing the HIV/AIDS virus.

Cure for HIV/AIDS

The major cure for the disease is TOTAL ABSTINENCE from every form of sexual interactions. Scientifically, there is no cure for it yet. Research has been on-going but there is no breakthrough yet. However, Jesus Christ has the power to heal all manner of disease. He healed the son of the nobleman when he was at Cana of Galilee (Jn. 4:46-54). He also healed the man at the pool of Bethesda who had been there for thirty-eight years (Jn. 5: 1-8). He opened the eyes of the man born blind (Jn.9:1-7).

These are just a few instances of the curative power of Jesus Christ. It shows, therefore, that nothing is too hard for him whenever he is involved. It is better to turn to him in the good and challenging time of life.

General evaluation
  1. Mention three of the healing miracles of Jesus Christ.
  2. State three symptoms of HIV/AIDS in an individual.
  3. Give an account of the division of the kingdom of Israel.  What unwise policies of Solomon led to it?
  4. What were the consequences of Solomon’s and Rehoboam’s unwise decisions?

Reading assignment

Civic Education for SSS 1-3 Book 1 Kupolati & Dinehin, pgs 24-32.

Weekend assignment

  1. The best way to prevent HIV/AIDS is through___. A. total abstinence B. prostitution
  1. multiple sex partners D. sharing of sharp instruments
  1. The virus was diagnosed in the year__. A. 1977 B. 1980 C. 1978 D. 1979
  2. The virus cannot be transmitted the following except__. A. hugging B. handshaking C. sexual intercourse D. Mosquito bite
  3. The man at the pool of Bethesda had been there for the past___ years. A. 25 B. 38 C. 40 D.12
  4. Jesus Christ has the power to heal__ diseases. A. all B. some C. few D. Most


  1. Mention two ways of transmitting the virus.
  2. State three preventive measures against the virus.


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