The Baptism


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The Baptism

The baptism

Synoptic gospels

Synoptic Gospels are the first three gospels, which have striking similarities in their style of writing, chronological arrangement of events in life and ministry of Jesus Christ.  In other words, their accounts can be seen generally from the same point of view.  They are Mathew, Mark and Luke.  The synoptic writers are referred to as the synoptists.


  1. What are the Synoptic gospels?
  2. Explain the relevance of the synoptic gospel.

The baptism of Jesus Christ

Mt. 3: 13 –17, Mark 1: 9 – 11, Luke 3: 21 – 22

All the synoptic writers reported the baptism of Jesus.  According to Mathew, Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist in River Jordan. When Jesus came to John to be baptized. John was reluctant to baptize him because he felt that it was Jesus who ought to baptize him.  But Jesus told him to allow it to be so to fulfil righteousness.

Jesus Christ was dipped into the water and heaven opened and the spirit of God descended on him like a dove and he heard a voice, which says:

“This is my beloved son with whom I am well pleased”.

There is a disparity among the synoptic gospels about the time the dove descended on Jesus.  While Mathew and Mark say that this happened as Jesus was being baptized; Luke says it happened after the baptism as Jesus prayed.  Luke 3: 21 – 22.


  1. Discuss the baptism of Jesus
  2. Also, only Mathew reported John’s reluctance to baptize Jesus. The rest did not.

Significance of the baptism of Jesus Christ

  1. It was significant because it symbolizes Jesus’ identification with sinners.
  2. It served as an example for his disciples to follow.
  3. This pattern that was laid down by Jesus was continued in the early church.
  4. Apart from the meaning it had for Jesus, this act of baptism was significant for the ministry of John the Baptist. The miraculous happening, which accompanied it, gave John an opportunity for divine approval of his ministry.
  5. The baptism of Jesus provided a forum for a public confirmation of his messiahship and being Son of God.
  6. It indicated that Jesus’ mission on earth will mainly benefit sinners hence his decision to identify himself with sinful humanity.


  1. What is baptism?
  2. State two significance of the baptism of Jesus
General evaluation
  1. What is baptism?
  2. State two significance of the baptism of Jesus.
  3. Give an account of the first creation.
  4. Narrate the second account of creation.
  5. List the characteristics of the new life.


  • Martins I. Amaechi – Comprehensive Religious Knowledge for Senior Secondary Schools for SS1, SS2 and SS3
  • A. Adeyinka Et al – Christian Religious Knowledge for Secondary Schools Book 2
  • The Holy Bible R. S. V
  • J. Uzoh – Students key points at a glance – Christian Religious Knowledge – Allen Senior Secondary Series
  • WASSCE 1998 – 2017 – Christian Religious Knowledge 3. A. J. U. Obinna.

Reading assignment

Read A. A. Adeyinka Et al – Christian Religious Knowledge for Senior Secondary Schools Book 3, Pg. 28 – 29

Weekend assignment

  1. Jesus was baptized at the____.(a) lake (b)River Jordan(c) River Galilee (d) dead sea
  2. Jesus was baptized by_____. (a) John the Baptist (b) St Paul   (c) St. Peter   (d) St. Augustus
  3. The statement, “this is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased”, “Son” here refers to___. (a) John the Baptist   (b) Peter   (c) Paul   (d) Jesus Christ
  4. John the Baptist was in the wilderness and his food was _____ and _____ (a) bread and honey   (b) locust and wild honey    (c) quail and honey   (d) beans and honey
  5. _____ was the forerunner of Jesus Christ (a) Isaiah    (b) John the Baptist   (c) Elijah    (d), Elisha


  1. Explain the baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist
  2. State four significance of the baptism


In our next class, we will be talking about the Temptation.  We hope you enjoyed the class.

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