Hurdle Race

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Hurdle Race 

hurdle race


A sport is called an Hurdle race when it involves a horse race where the horses jump over obstacles called hurdles. 

These are smaller than fences and are a minimum of three and a half feet high.

They are typically made of a series of panels made of brush and are flexible.

Hurdle races have a minimum of eight hurdles and a minimum distance of two miles (3 km) but can be longer. These longer races are known as stayers’ hurdles.

They tend to be run at a faster pace than steeplechases as the height of the fence is much lower. The best hurdlers have a low and efficient style of jumping, which means they do not lose much momentum when they jump.

Horses that go hurdling are often former flat racehorses. Horses that have been bred for Jumps racing may also compete in these races to give them jumping practice before they go into Chases.

Many years ago, hurdlers ran at and jumped over each hurdle (sometimes known as ‘burgles’), landing on both feet and checking their forward motion. Today, the dominant step patterns are the 3-step for high hurdles, 7-step for low hurdles, and 15-step for intermediate hurdles. 

Hurdling is a higher form of obstacle racing, and is part of the sport of athletics. In hurdling events, barriers known as hurdles are set at precisely measured heights and distances. Each athlete must pass over the hurdles; passing under or intentionally knocking over hurdles will result in disqualification.

The standard sprint or short hurdle race is 110 meters for men and 100 meters for women. The standard number of steps to the first hurdle should be 8. The standard long hurdle race is 400 meters for both men and women. 


Explain what Hurdle Race is.


Reading Assignment

Mention two things that are found in Hurdle Racing. 


Weekend Assignment

What is the measurement for a Standard Long Hurdle Race?


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