Long Jumps

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Long Jumps

long jumps

The objective of the long jump is simple – to cover the maximum possible distance with a horizontal jump. In essence, Long Jump is one of the most technically difficult track and field events to master.

Long jumpers start with a running start, pushing themselves in the air at a designated launching point, also called the take-off board, and try to achieve maximum distance in the air before landing inside a sand pit.

So, Long Jump consists of three parts. The runway, the take-off board and the sandpit to land in.

An athlete needs to ensure that their foot is flat on the ground to have optimum impact as jumping off either the heels or the toes has adverse impacts on the jump.

While jumping off the heels has a braking effect and reduces momentum, jumping with the toes destabilizes the body and runs the risk of the legs collapsing under the jumper, thereby severely decreasing the distance covered.

Maintaining proper body posture while take-off is also equally important as proper foot placement.

Athletes mostly use advanced techniques like kick, double-arm, sprint and power sprint or bounding for their take offs. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

In summary, The long jump is a track and field event that requires speed in addition to a strong jump. There are three phases to the long jump: the approach, the takeoff, and the landing. 


What is Long Jump


Reading Assignment

Identify two important skills in Long Jumps. 


Weekend Assignment

Explain two differences between High Jumps and Long Jumps. 


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