Mating is also called coitus or copulation.


Mating is the act in which the penis of the male is inserted into the vagina of the female, leading to the ejaculation of spermatozoa.


Mating in farm animals may lead to la fertilisation.


It is under the influence of hormone.


Mating is necessary before farm animals can reproduce sexually.


For mating to occur, the female animal must be on the heat period.


The penis must be erect before mating can occur.


It takes place when the male mounts the female for sexual ccopulation


Types of Mating

(a) Natural Mating: This occurs when a male, after identifying a female on the heat period, mount the female for mating Examples of natural mating are:

(i) Flock Mating: Both the male and law female animals are allowed to move together and mate freely.

(ii) Pen Mating: Very few number of bosi males are kept together with limited number of females so that they can mate or any time the female animal is on the heat period, e.g. four males together with twelve females.

(iii) Stud or Hand mating: The males are ar kept separately to be mated with individual females when on the heat period. After mating, the males are taken away.

(b) Artificial Mating: This is called artificial insemination which involves the act of injecting spermatozoa artificially into the vagina of female animal on the heat period. The sperms are collected from a male animal with desirable characters. Such spermatozoa are stored at – 196°C under liquid nitrogen until it is used.

Advantages of Artificial Insemination

It is cheaper to import sperms than to import the male animal.

Sperms collected can be used to fertilise many female animals of various sizes.

It is more economical as it reduces the cost of feeding and managing male animals.

Sperms (semen) can be used over a long oo time even after the death of the male animal.


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