This is the period between fertilisation of an ovum to the birth of the young ones.

It is also the period between conception and birth (i.e., period of pregnancy).

Female animals, during this period.

Not normally experienced heat period. It is under the control of a hormone – progesterone (pregnancy hormone). Its high secretion prevents further ovulation during pregnancy and maintains pregnancy.

It is a period of swelling of the abdomen.

It is a period of swelling of the udder.

It is a period of increase in life weight.

The period varies from animal to animal.

Gestation Period

Cow – 283 days

Ewe – 114 days

Sow – 150 days

Doe (Goat) – 151 days

Doe (Rabbit) – 31 days


(i) Parturition is the act of giving birth in farm animals.

(ii) It marks the end of pregnancy.

(iii) It marks the beginning of lactation.

(iv) When the developing foetus has reached full term in the uterus, and is ready to be born, the placenta breaks away from the allm uterus wall.

(V) The foetus in the bag of membranes moves through the cervix and out 29 through the vagina.

(vi) At some point, the membrane bag breaks and the fluid inside is released.

(vii) The umbilical cord constricts in the middle, withers and breaks naturally.

(viii) The placenta and the broken membranes come out of the uterus as after-birth.

(ix) The act of parturition varies with farm animals. In:

(1) Cow, it is called calving.

(2) Sow, it is called farrowing.

(3) Ewe, it is called lambing.

(4) Doe (goat), it is called kinding.

(5) Doe (rabbit), it is called kindling.

Signs of Approaching Parturition

The mammary glands enlarge and begin to secrete milk substances.

The vulva swells and becomes soft

There may be thick mucus discharge.

The animal becomes restless, lies down and gets up frequently.

The animal urinates frequently.

The animal tries to build a nest and beds,e.g. as in rabbit.

Loss of appetite

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