Origin of hospitality industry.

The modern concept of hospitality dates back to classical Rome. People invited guest and family members into their homes, shared meals with them and celebrate with them. The concept was that

people would starts as strangers, become guests and then become friends. It turns into a custom that

becomes major focal points within Roman culture. Religion also played a role since some religion

that people are hospitable to the homeless and provide them with meal or bed. The commercial aspect

of hospitality, like is found in restaurant, bars and hotels also originated during classical Rome.

Sectors/Segments of Hospitality Industry.

The hospitality industry is on various segments among which are:



ii. Food and Beverages

iii. Recreation

iv. Travels and Tourism

LODGING: -This involves accommodation. In an establishment that offers accommodation there are

three departments that man it. They are: 1) The Reception department; 2) the Housekeeping

department; 3) The maintenance department.

Reception Department: They welcome guests and allocate the accommodation. Accommodation is a

place to sleep as long as the guest is there, it could be a night or more. The place could be in hotels,

hostels, motels hospitals, guest houses, camp grounds, serviced apartments, public houses, private

clubs, youth hostels, caravan parks, transport and timber share apartment. In public accommodation

there are welfare accommodation e.g., hospitals and elderly ones, motherless or orphanages.

University halls of residence, military accommodation and prisons.

Guests interest are considered because on being allocated a room, he or she explores the surroundings

more closely, and probably takes a closer look at the décor, the furnishings and the furniture

especially the bed, the type of mattress, the cleanliness and comfort of the surroundings. These

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