These are the people involved in the distribution network of goods. They include the following.

Manufacturer: these are people who produce goods from the consumers. Their products are mostly packed in food packed substances such as cellophane, tins, bottles, plastics, foil e.t.c.

Major distributors: these are people who buy in large quantities direct from the industries. These distributors sell to the sub-distributors.

Sub-distributors or wholesalers: they buy goods from major distributors of manufactured goods or from manufacturers and sell them to retailer. They buy in bulk or whole, hence they are referred to as wholesaler. Wholesaler also passes information from retailers to manufacturers. They assist in decongesting the warehouse of the manufacturer and therefore give room for new production.

Retailer: they buy in small quantities from the wholesalers and sell to consumers. In order to satisfy the wants of individual customers, retailers have to buy and stock small quantities of a variety of goods. They also have a direct contact with the consumer and therefore help in bringing the feeling and complaint of consumers to the manufacturers through the wholesalers. At times retailer can also be inform of hawkers and sales agent.

Consumers: these are the final people that purchase goods for the sole purpose of making use of them. Without the consumers, the retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer would not be able to dispose of their goods and hence there would be no production. The retailer, wholesaler and manufacturer should at all times put the consumer’s interest in mind and they should listen to their complaints and comments.

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