First of all, Mathematics is not difficult. The popular belief that says that mathematics is only made for geniuses is only a myth. Embrace the mindset that mathematics is as easy as drinking water and you might just start your path to all-round success. It all begins in the mind. Now, this is how to differentiate between writing Mathematics during WAEC and writing Mathematics during JAMB so you can apply each strategy of success to enable you pass both exams in one sitting.

Writing Mathematics during JAMB means you are hoping to study a science/tech related course at the university; therefore, you already have a prior background of Mathematics and probably, Further Mathematics. Therefore, at this stage, JAMB is not trying to test whether you know Maths or not; JAMB is taking it a step further with you by testing your accuracy. JAMB wants to know how you can solve a mathematical equation in 20 seconds and get the correct answer. The ability to get the correct answers fast can only be gotten through consistent practice of past questions on the Afrilearn App.

On the other hand, WAEC wants a fuller and detailed approach to their mathematics questions. Especially in the theory aspect of the exams, WAEC wants a step-by-step solution. So, you do not want to make the mistake of jumping to the answer in WAEC – show the steps you followed before you arrived at that answer. This is because the steps carry marks as well.

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