University professors

University Professors Received 8,000 As Salary, Asuu President Reveals


University professors

President of ASUU, Professor Abiodun Ogunyemi on Channels Television program ‘Politics Today’ disclosed this on the 29th of October, 2020, that, university professors received #8, 000 as salaries.

The platform (UTAS) University Transparency and Accountability Solution created by (ASUU) Academic Staff Union of Universities is a homegrown payment in place of Federal government’s to integrate payroll and personnel Information System (IPPIS) which is yet to be conducted on the council (ASUU). This was stated by the union and added that the Federal government is making negotiation impossible.

ASUU President noted that due to the IPPIS structure, some university lecturers are losing up to 70 percent of their salaries while some professors received N8, 000 as monthly salaries for several months. He then stressed that it was wrong to use the payment platform for university lecturers.

He said this is due to the federal government reneging on agreements with the union since 2013 including frustrating the plan by ASUU to introduce an alternative payment system for university lecturers.

For both students and parents to understand, he said that as far as the Union is concerned, they don’t have any issue with going back to work, all they seek is more sincerity and transparency on the federal government side. is an Afrilearn brand.

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