Practising past questions consistently is one of the guaranteed ways to pass WAEC, NECO or JAMB in one sitting. But if it is not done right, it is just another waste of time.

Here are ways to better practice past questions for great success in the real exams:

1. Breathe. You are probably surprised about the first step; but you need to release all form of anxiety when you are practising past questions. Constant practice without anxiety will help you not make mistakes in your exams.

2. Do more practice on your weak areas. You might be tempted to jump your weak topics, but what if that topic you are avoiding becomes compulsory to answer in your real exams. So practice more on topics you don’t understand to become perfect in them. This is why the Afrilearn App provides video lessons that will help you understand each topic better. So it’s a plus for you when you study on the Afrilearn App.

3. Time yourself. For timed exams like JAMB, do not answer past questions like you have the whole day. Answer past questions with the same amount of time that will be allocated during your exams. Again, the past questions on the Afrilearn App are automatically timed, so it is way easier to practise past questions on the Afrilearn App.

Download the Afrilearn App HERE (for Android users) or HERE (for Apple users).

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