Before you give up on your ability to understand the Mathematics subject, you need to know one profound truth. You don’t need a high IQ to understand Maths. Yes, you don’t need to be the next genius that will develop a mathematical formula before you can understand how to solve mathematical equations. Seeing mathematics as a genius subject that can only be understood by genius persons is a myth.

Now, what do you really need to understand maths? Advanced knowledge? No. What is needed is motivation. Do you have the desire to really understand maths? Are you really willing to know what pythagoras theorem is? Your motivation will make you pursue more knowledge about Maths. Your motivation will make you study on the Afrilearn App, and seek out maths video lessons on the Afrilearn App.

This will then lead to advanced knowledge and before you know it, you have a better understanding of the subject and then this will lead to better grades. Are you struggling with Maths? Then, you need to check the level of your motivation.

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