Basic Electricity 1


The continuous flow of electric current through a conductor is electricity. Also, electricity is a form of energy that can travel through a metallic substance like copper, metals etc. Also, through other substances that allow electric current to pass through, examples are Urine, Water and many more. All these substances are known as Conductor.

Electricity is important in our daily lives because of its use to us and our society. Parts of the use of electricity are;

  1. It gives us light to see
  2. It makes our home appliances like television, fan, microwaves etc, be in good use. Without electric current, no home appliances can be put to use.

All these need electricity to function.

Types of electricity

There are two types of electricity. They are;

  1. Static Electricity
  2. Current Electricity

Let’s discuss them one after the other.

  1. Static Electricity: The word static means at rest. This means that, they are current which doesn’t flow or move.
  2. Current Electricity: This is the opposite of static. It is the electricity that allows current to flow from one place or medium to another.

The unit of current (I) is Ampere (A).


  1. What is electric current?
  2. Explain the following (i) Static electricity (ii) Current electricity
  3. List two uses of electricty
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