Temperature And Its Measurement


Temperature is the degree of hotness or coldness of a substance or a body. The instrument used in measuring the temperature of a body is known as Thermometer. The unit of a temperature is degree Celsius (oc) or Kelvin (K). Everybody has used thermometer at least once in their lives. So, we can recognize one when we see it.

Types of thermometer

  1. Mercury in glass thermometer
  2. Alcohol in glass thermometer
  3. Platinum resistance thermometer
  4. Thermocouple thermometer
  5. Laboratory/clinical thermometer
  6. Pyrometer thermometer
  7. Digital thermometer

Measurement of a temperature

Thermometer is a standard instrument used to measure temperature of an object. It is the most reliable way or instrument used in measuring the temperature of a body. It is used in various places like hospital, home, weather station and laboratory. The highest temperature of a body is 100oC while that of Kelvin is 373K and the cool temperature is 0oC while that of kelvin is 272k.

Temperature Scale

Steam Point                        100oC

Normal Temperature           oC

Ice Point                              0oC

Temperature scales of a degree Celsius.


  1. What is temperature?
  2. Temperature is measured by …………………….?
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