Types And Uses Of Wood, Metals And Plastic


Materials are substances that products like technologies are made from. Also, there are different types of materials which technologies are made from and they are:

  1. Wood materials
  2. Metals materials
  3. Glass materials
  4. Plastic materials


  1. Wood materials: Trees are cut down, stripped of their leaves and branches, cut into logs of similar size, divided into piles and floated down the river. It can either be mechanical pulp or chemical pulp.
  • Mechanical pulp: The bark is then removed, ground into a pulp and water added. It is then bleached, dried and cut into sheet
  • Chemical pulp: The bark is then removed and the timber chopped into of about 2 cm chips. It is cooked under pressure with chemicals. It is bleached and cut into sheet.

Uses of Wood materials

  1. It is used in makings of paper
  2. It is used to produce wooden spoon
  3. It is used to make paper bags
  4. It is used to produce cardboard box


  1. Metal materials: Most metals are strong, hard and shiny materials that can be hammered into different sheet and shapes without breaking.

Uses of Metal materials

  1. They good conductor of heat and electricity
  2. They are used in making metallic objects like pot, spoon, door and many more.
  3. They are used in building storage facilities and equipment


3. Glass materials: Glass materials are hard, brittle, and noncrystalline. The lack of crystalline grains often results in the optical transparency. The glass we are used to is ceramic usually consisting of a mixture of silicates. Glass is often formed by rapid cooling of the molten form; some glasses such as volcanic glass are naturally occurring.

Uses of Glass materials

  1. They are transparent
  2. Heat resistance
  3. Pressure and breakage resistance
  4. They are chemical resistance


  1. List 3 uses of Wood materials
  2. List 3 uses of Glass materials
  3. What is material?
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