Communalism, Feudalism, Fascism


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Communalism, Feudalism, Fascism

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Communalism is a principle of political organization based on federated communes; a system of government in which local communities sometimes on an ethnic or religious basis have rights or condition of self-government.

It can also be defined as a system of government whose practice is based on strong allegiance to one’s own ethnic group rather than society as a whole – it refers to the principles or practices of communal ownership.

Communalism is the shared belief within a particular culture that promotes religious and secular isolation from another group.

Characteristics of communalism

  1. It is described as a tool to mobilize people for or against the elites of communities by raising an appeal for example If a person is deprived of his or her rights and privileges, just based on his or her community, this would constitute communalism
  2. Communalism promotes the unwillingness to accept other belief patterns and faiths
  3. It allows emotional disobedience to the extent of crossing the bounds of the law.
  4. It causes rivalry and violence among the masses
  5. It is used by the higher class of people and elites as an instrument for division and exploitation
  6. It mostly rests on prejudices
  7. Communalism has a broader base which encompasses social, economic and political aspects for its manifestations.


Feudalism can be defined as the identification of landed property with sovereignty over a parcel of land which becomes a private hereditary possession and an asset to the family.

Characteristics of feudalism
  1. Vassals hold land in trust for the lords.
  2. There was evidence of a close personal bond between the lord and the vassal
  3. If a vassal dies without heirs, his property is reverted to the lord
  4. If a vassal was guilty of treason, the lord might claim his possession by forfeiture
  5. This system is based on land ownership
  6. The overlords are duty-bound to offer protection to themselves

Please Note:

  • Vassals are people who are appointed to manage homage and proceeds for landowners
  • Lords are the landowners
Advantages of feudalism
  1. Order and personal loyalty: Feudalism gave some order and avoided chaos by bringing together the strong sentiments of personal loyalty connected with the possession of the land.
  2. Framework: Feudalism provided a temporary framework of order on which a true and reliable national life could grow
  3. Self-reliance: It fostered among the big lords, self-reliance and love of personal independence
  4. Liberty is obtained: Feudalism succeeded in keeping alive the spirit of liberty in medieval Europe.
Disadvantages of feudalism
  1. Confusion: Feudalism confused private and public rights.
  2. Common laws are obediently adhered to.
  3. Inability to concretize strong and national government
  4. Feudalism caused disintegration and the state could no longer function as a whole.


Fascism is referred to as a form of government headed by a dictator in which the government has total control over all activities in the state and the people are denied personal liberties and rights.

Characteristics of fascism
  1. The economy of the state is highly centralized.
  2. Political opposition is highly prohibited
  3. It denies individuals of their rights and liberty
  4. Only selected elite groups can become leaders
  5. The leader has all the powers of the state i.e executive, legislative and judicial powers.


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