Description of Network Topology

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In today’s Information Technology class, we will be talking about  Description of Network Topology 

Description of Network Topology 

Description of Network Topology

One way to look at network topology is by seeing it as an arrangement of networks and the relative location of traffic flows. Administrators can use network topology diagrams to determine the best placements for each node and the optimal path for traffic flow. With a well-defined and planned-out network topology, an organisation can more easily locate faults and fix issues, improving its data transfer efficiency.

Network Topology

Network topology therefore makes the work of an administrator easy by helping them to identify and solve traffic problems in the Information Technology space. 

Network topology plays a major role in how a network functions. Namely, the topology has a direct effect on network functionality. Choosing the right topology can help increase performance, as a properly chosen and maintained network topology increases energy efficiency and data transfer rates.

In summary , a well-defined network topology makes it easier for network admins to locate faults, troubleshoot issues and to allocate network resources.



What is Network Topology?


Reading Assignment

Identify three reasons why an organisation needs Network Topology.


Weekend Assignment

Draw a diagram showing how network topology functions.


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